Reasons To Consider Ithaca Renovation Over Relocation

Constantly upgrading to a bigger and better or newer and more costly home used to be the norm, but people are seeing the value in hanging on to what they have and making it the best home they can. The days of disposable home purchases are past for many as homeowners realize that investing and paying off can lead to a more secure long-term future. That doesn’t mean, however, that homeowners are happy with the purchases they’ve made, but many are seeing that Ithaca renovation companies can help them transform what they already own into the showplaces they dream of.

So, why would homeowners want to consider hiring an Ithaca renovation company versus selling and moving on to a different home that more readily meets the picture of “ideal?” Here are just a few reasons why renovation makes sense over relocation when it’s at all possible:

  • Greater bang for the investment buck – Constantly relocating and purchasing new homes can leave homeowners in never-ending debt. Paying off a 15, 20 or 30 year mortgage becomes somewhat impossible when new loans are continuously in the picture. It often just makes more sense to hang on and rehabilitate the home you are in while paying off the debt once and for all.
  • Less upheaval – Moving is a very big undertaking and when it’s in the cards frequently it’s hard to lay down roots. When a solidly constructed home is renovated to meet design ideals, there’s no need to move and there’s no need to face chaos. Renovations can be handled piecemeal, making it possible to continue living in a home while it’s being upgraded in many cases.
  • More stability – Moving from neighborhood to neighborhood in the same town might not seem like it will take a toll on stability, but it can. This is especially so if children are in the equation. Kids may face school changes, a need to make new friends and a shakeup in their routine. When stability matters, it can make a great deal of sense to renovate rather than relocate.

If it’s time to look into Ithaca renovation to make an older home shine, contractors are standing by to help. Work with a pro and it’s possible to turn an older home or a less-than-desirable model into a showplace that fits the “dream home” bill without all the fuss and muss that can along with moving and incurring a reset on that mortgage clock.