What to Insist On When Hiring An Ithaca Contractor

Whether it’s a simple job involvement the replacement of a kitchen sink or an entire room needs to be added onto a home, hiring an Ithaca contractor is pretty big deal that shouldn’t be entered into blindly. The right contractor can make the work flow perfectly and deliver peace of mind along the way. A poor choice can end up leaving a wallet drained and work handled in a way that’s not up to snuff.

So, what should homeowners do to help them locate the very best Ithaca contractor for the job at hand? Here are just a few tips that can make hiring a pro a whole lot easier:

  • Insist on experience – No matter what type of work needs to be done, it’s important that the contractor in question have experience in the field. Ask about the length of time a contractor has worked in the industry and don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper. A company might be recently founded, but the people behind it might have years of experience to their credit.
  • Insist on references and examples of past work – Good contractors have a number of past customers lined up who are more than happy to share their experiences with new customers. Ask to speak to some of these people and also be sure to look over portfolios that might show past projects in the beginning, middle and end phases.
  • Ask about licensing, insurance and other important details – When an Ithaca contractor comes into your home to perform work, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a contractor who is insured, licensed and skilled in making jobsites safe. This protects you – and your homeowner’s insurance – from unnecessary claims caused by shady contractors. The best companies are not only licensed with the state, but also carry hefty liability policies and worker’s compensation to protect you, themselves and their employees from any potential mishaps.
  • Interview contractors closely – Be sure to sit down and speak with the people who will be working on your home. Ideally, you’ll find a contractor who takes your input very seriously and completes the work as laid out. If you’re not comfortable speaking with the pros who will be completing the work, be wary.

Finding a solid Ithaca contractor company isn’t difficult. Just take some time to review the options, check into background and review past work. The best stand out from the pack easily when this type of advance homework is completed.